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Only Silk and Satin Amiee R stripping out of Satin Dress

Thursday, June 11th, 2009

Got another nice gallery from Only Silk and Satin, this time featuring the cute dark haired cutie Amiee R, as she strips out of a hot satin dress and reveals what sexy clothing she is wearing below it!

Only Silk and Satin - Satin Gray Dress

Only Silk and Satin – Satin Gray Dress

All content on Only Silk and Satin is 100% exclusive, and as well as the full image sets (which contain a LOT more than the  12-16 free samples that you get on galleries like this (hey! We’re not allowed to break copyright rules and post them), contain hot high resolution videos.

Not only can you SEE the gorgeous ladies in the sexiest of clothing, but see them move, hear them speak and even hear the sound that their clothing makes against her skin, beds and whatever else it may glide against ;)

oh, and incase you haven’t realised so far, Only Silk and Satin focuses “Only” on Silk and Satin. If you want more general clothing galleries/videos, check out their Only Tease site (or buy membership to both (and their other sites) via Only All Sites. View the gallery and scroll down it for details.

Enjoy this Only silk and Satin gallery!

Only Silk and Satin Rachael B in black satin wrap

Wednesday, February 11th, 2009

Wow doesn’t Rachel B from Only Silk and Satin look stunning in this gallery. She is in a black satin wrap and basque, and is one of the hot babes from Only Silk and Satin. The guys who made Only Silk and Satin run other clothing related sites, such as the famous (and widely regarded best clothing site on the net) Only Tease, Only Secretaries and Only Opaques. They have a “only all sites” as well which gets you full complete access to all their sites (including their two extra sologirl sites for “only Melaine” and “only carla”, both who know EXACTLY how to tease and turn guys on). Only Silk and Satin focuses more on the clothing that any hardcore fucking. Although this gallery is only topless, the site does have full nudity in it!

Racael B Only Silk and Satin

Racael B Only Silk and Satin